The Prescription for Heart Health: What the Studies Show

Omega-3’s have been clinically demonstrated to improve two important markers of heart health; the lowering of trigylcerides and the improvement of HDL cholesterol levels. To get these effects with patients it is important to understand dosing levels and ratios of EPA-DHA and of those fractions to total omega-3’s. Here is what the data shows.

A Look At Some Recent Studies

Obviously there have been a tremendous amount of research done on omega -3s’, at last count some 20,000 individual papers. Our focus here is the work that has been done recently to turn a specific ratio into a prescription medication for the use in lowering triglycerides and in improving HDL. These randomized-placebo controlled studies show that use of Omega-3s for between 6-24 weeks lower Triglyceride levels between 26-47%, and improved HDL up to 14%. This information helps us further to establish some targets then for how Omega-3s can clinically work in these two areas.

Looking Deeper: The Dosage and Ratio Targets

The studies indicate that the dosage for Omega 3 is approximately 3600 mg per day, with a high EPA/DHA content of approximately 3360mg.  In the standard fish oil formulas the EPA/DHA content would be at about 85% of the total Omega -3 content, as opposed to the 90+ % we see in the studies. Additionally, the EPA to DHA ratio in standard formulas is typically 60-40 in favor of EPA. In these studies that ratio was approximately 54-46 in favor of EPA.  So what does this mean when looked at in the context of if the standard fish oil concentration; would they deliver the same results? Well maybe, and if not the same, likely to be similar. Having said that, if you could hit basically the exact concentration, it takes some of the guesswork out.  Additionally, some patients may be looking for a match, and/or or trying to replace with possibly a lower cost alternative. There is one.

You can get prescription strength without the prescription (or the cost)

3Care offers a product that delivers on all the fronts discussed in this article with its Omega -3Care Prescription Strengthformula. This advanced formula delivers the same omega-3 ratio and levels shown in clinical trials to lower triglycerides and to improve HDL. The omega-3’s in Prescription Strength are highly concentrated through molecular distillation to increase the levels of EPA and DHA.  The great thing is it can be utilized without a prescription, and is about ¼ the cost of the most common prescription option. This helps to open up this opportunity for more people to benefit from clinically demonstrated Omega -3’s for lowering triglycerides and improving HDL.