3Care™ Omega-3 Line: Superior Quality and A Wide Selection

The 3Care line of Omega-3s is manufactured at one of only four, pharmaceutically licensed facilities in the world and was formulated by long-time industry experts. If you have been following our series on quality, you know that 3Care knows how to produce a superior omega-3. What you might not know is that there is a wide selection of formulations, serving to meet the needs of practitioners/patients…

Efficacy has to be centric to all formulations, especially for professional lines. 3Care thus starts there with formulation and quality. But as we all know, price, convenience, and taste (where applicable) come heavily into play when it comes to compliance. Additionally, the practitioner at times may need a more specific formulation when it comes to omega-3. We set out to meet all these needs when creating the 3Care Omega-3 line. Here is a simple reference along with product information:

3 Care Simple Omega-3 Reference Guide
Product Application Features
The Ultimate Omega -3 Liquid Total body Support Best Value
Omega -3Care Complete To get a balanced profile for broader support High Concentrate EPA:DHA 1:1
Omega  3Care Prescription Strength Triglycerides and HDL Clinically proven levels -matching prescription products at 1/4 the cost
Omega-3Care  EPA Relief Systemic Inflammation High EPA ratio
DHA Care Liquid Childhood development High DHA ratio
Glyco EPA Joint and connective tissue Proprietary Green lipid muscle/EPA Combination

The Ultimate Omega-3 Liquid delivers 1,700 mg per teaspoon of ultra-pure, Norwegian pharmaceutical-grade omega-3 in an odor free, lemon flavored liquid. This formula is ideal for long-term total body maintenance.

Omega-3 Care Complete delivers high levels of EPA-DHA in a balanced 1:1 ratio. A diet rich in various fatty fish sources would contain EPA and DHA in roughly equal quantities.

Omega-3 Care Prescription Strength delivers the same omega3 ratio and levels shown in clinical trials to lower triglycerides and improve HDL cholesterol levels. The omega-3 in Prescription Strength is concentrated to EPA and DHA.

Omega-3 Care EPA Relief EPA has been shown in a number of studies to be the preferential fatty acid to support people experiencing minor pain and conditions associated with inflammation. EPA Relief delivers 500 mg of EPA per softgel.

DHA Care DHA is the most essential lipid component for the construction and development of the central nervous and ocular systems. Studies show that children provided optimal DHA nutrition during gestation and development score higher on IQ tests and have better social interactions.

Glyco-EPA combines the joint-supporting power of high EPA omega-3 with GlycoMarine™, a globally recognized, clinically-tested extract of green lipped mussel. Glycomarine is a safe and effective solution for supporting and maintaining joint health.

We are very proud of the 3Care line of omega-3 supplements. We think they deliver fantastically on quality, value, and selection. We recommend them with full confidence, knowing they can greatly benefit the health of the patient, and make the practitioner’s life a bit easier by providing them with the tools they need for superior patient care.


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