Understanding the Steps of Quality: Fishing

In this four-part series, we will be giving you the behind the scenes view of our process for ensuring 3Care formulas are unsurpassed in quality. In Part 1, we will focus on the approach we take when it comes to fishing; the strategy, the importance, and the dispelling of some common myths and misunderstandings…

Ah, the beautiful images of Nordic waters. The simple fisherman, out alone on his small boat for the day, making the catch. Isn’t this a lot of the imagery that we see when it comes to the marketing of fish oil? Is this the reality?

Well, while it is true that most of the high-quality fish oils are produced in Norway, the fish actually come from elsewhere. In fact, most of the fish used in for the production of fish oil, come from off the coast of South America, especially the coasts of Peru and Chile. And guess what? There is nothing wrong with that. Rather than any specific geographical location, what is important is that the fish come from cold and clean waters, and that they are from sustainable fisheries. To elaborate:

Where to fish

  • The importance of cold, clean waters

This criterion ensures that the fish is extremely healthful; in that it has in Omega-3s and inherently lower in heavy metals.

  • The importance of sustainable fisheries

This one is easy. If you over fish, there won’t be any left for future fishing. But really, it goes beyond that. Any company that is dedicated to advancing health has to make sure that they are not selecting fish (or any other products), which lead to instability of any local species or the ecological system as a whole. Sustainable fisheries are those in which there are controls in place and oversight is provided by authorities to ensure there is no damage being done to the ecological balance of the region.

Next Step: Producing Crude Oil

Another point of quality differentiation is the care that is taken in how the crude oil is produced. 3Care’s manufacturing partner, Napro Pharma, in compliance with European Union regulations, only sources from crude oil (semi-refined) supplies that are certified sanitary and human food grade by the EU authorities. This certification entails annual inspections by highly-trained, quality/sanitary technicians and the requirement to follow EU Operating Procedures and raw material traceability. The bottom line is that 3Care Omega-3 formulas undergo the highest level of scrutiny and analysis in the industry.

Summary of the 3Care Process for Fishing 

  • Fish from the coasts of Peru and Chile
  • Cold, clean waters
  • Sustainable fisheries
  • Processed into crude oil upon arrival at shore in EU food grade certified facility
  • Sealed with nitrogen and shipped to Norway for ultra refinement/detoxification

Read more on this in Part 2 of our series in our next issue

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