Product Feature: 3Care Natural 18/12™ Fish Oil

3Care goes to great lengths to provide not only high – quality omega-3 formulas, but also to provide great selection to help match the desires of our practitioners. Scan the line and you will see formulas that target different ratios for different applications. One of the formulas that many of our practitioners like (especially our naturopathic docs), is our Omega-3 Care Natural 18/12™.

Natural profile and extremely pure

Omega-3 Care Natural 18/12 (18% EPA / 12% DHA) delivers uniquely pure omega-3 fish oil that reflects the fatty acid profile of the fish from which it is derived (primarily sardines, anchovies and herring). Most natural-profile 18/12 oils are minimally detoxified, bulk-produced oils. Omega-3 Care Natural 18/12 has been molecularly distilled and thoroughly detoxified to ensure maximum safety and health support.

Wide-ranging benefits

Many of our practitioners desire to have supplemental profiles that most match what is found in nature. This formula fits the bill, as it contains the complete profile of fatty acids found in the fish. Epidemiological evidence suggests that fatty acids other than EPA and DHA may also promote good health, especially of the skin, hair, and eyes.

Omega-3 Care Natural 18/12 ‘s unique attributes -highly purified, no repeat, natural fatty-acid profile (at a good price), makes it a real value to practitioners and patients alike.

Interested in utilizing this great formula in your practice

Click here or call toll free 1-888-372-3421.

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