Effective Joint Care: Utilizing a Two-Pronged Strategy

When addressing joint health, it is critical to not only supply proper nutrition to the tissue, but also have a long-term strategy for reducing inflammation that is effective and safe. In this article we discuss a simple two- pronged approach that can be utilized.

Often poor joint health manifests itself through pain or limited range of motion and lack of mobility. This is primarily due to the inflamed state, which can be a result of decreased joint cartilage, brought on by the loss of protective materials such as glycoaminoglycans. This makes it critical to first address the current inflamed state as well as getting to the root cause by nutritionally supporting the joints. So let’s look at what could be done through supplementation that can help:

First prong: Reducing inflammation

Numerous studies have shown that omega 3 fish oils, especially those with high EPA ratios, can displace the inflammatory substrates such as arachidonic acid, and other inflammatory substances (like cytokines), leading to a calming of the inflammatory cascade via genetic signaling. This would thus systematically reduce inflammation and help with minor pain alleviation. This makes omega 3 formulas (especially high EPA), an important component in joint health.

Second prong: Provide the key building blocks

The other strategy is to address the nutritional component of supplying the nutrients the joints need for protection. As noted above, glycoaminoglycans (family of polysaccharides) serve as chondroprotective agents as they support tissue through their lubricant dynamics. Basic yes- but this is why supplements with glucosamine and chondroitin have been used extensively to feed the joints the nutrients they need to ensure this action.

This simple two-pronged approach then would address both the chronic and acute elements of the joint dysfunction, making it a solid strategy. Typically this means two separate nutritional formulas (1) an Omega 3, and (2) a glucosamine & chondroitin combo. This can be very effective, but there is also a simple one formula approach that 3Care has devised to make it even easier.

2 Formulas in 1: 3Care Glyco EPATM Formula

This formula by 3Care Therapeutics addresses both of the strategies discussed in this article. It contains a high EPA dose of 520mg per serving along with GlycoMarineTM, a globally renowned green lipped mussel extract.

GlycoMarine’s efficacy is supported by over 25 years of research. This unique therapeutic complex delivers highly absorbable glycoamonoglycans (including naturally occurring chondroitin and glucosamine sulfates), to promote cartilage shock absorption capacity and enhance range of motion. Additionally, research on this unique ingredient show that it may stimulate chondrocyte activity, thereby supporting cartilage formation.

This formula thus addresses both inflammation and the nutritional support of the joint tissue. Using 3Care Glyco EPA with your patients provides them the two-pronged support they need in an affordable and easy 2 softgels per day!

Interested in utilizing this great formula in your practice
Click here or call toll free 1-888-372-3421

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