Novel Approach for Immune Health: A Look at AKG

With cold and flu season approaching, many will now be turning their attention to nutritional interventions designed to either preempt symptoms, or to shorten their duration. Traditional nutritional choices such as vitamin C and probiotics are staples, and rightly so. But there are some other powerful immune enhancers that practitioners should take a look at like AKG’s.

One of the best-kept secrets for immune support

Alkylglycerols (AKG’s) are lipids combined with glycerol molecules, which can stimulate the production of white blood cells back to normal levels, and also enhance the growth of antibodies. AKG’s are found in human breast milk, cow’s milk, and the livers of most animals and fish. The benefits of AKG’s (through the use of shark liver oil) have been recognized empirically in traditional medicine of northern countries involved in fishing, such as Japan, Norway or Iceland as a wound healing medication.

Since marine-derived sources typically have higher levels of AKG’s, they have become a top research area for natural immune support. In addition to helping the body produce more immune supporting white blood sells and antibodies, AKG’s have shown the ability to help control aging cells, which can damage tissue. Because of this attribute, research has been done on some of the more serious immune related health challenges. Though much more research needs to be done in those areas, overall AKG has proven itself to be a pretty powerful, yet natural and safe method in supporting healthy immune function.

Mechanism of Action

It is now known that many of the signaling pathways involved in cellular functions and communications are dependent on lipids. Lipids are a rather unique biochemical class, as they alone allow for variability in structure depending on the nutrition. This means whatever you feed the body, can modify the composition of cell membranes as well as the corresponding structures and functions of membrane-derived bioactive lipids.

Because of this dynamic, the main hypothesis for explaining multiple biological activities of AKG is that they may be incorporated into cell membrane phospholipids, and from there modify their physical properties such as membrane fluidity and antioxidant status, or alter cell signaling through the phospholipase pathways.

Clinical Application

AKG is useful for individuals who wish to keep their immune system strong during the winter season, and also for those who would particularly benefit from year round support.

3Care – AKG ImmuneTM

3Care Therapeutics has special expertise in delivering marine based formulas. Its AKG Immune formula delivers optimal amounts of immune supporting AKG’s in 1-2 capsules per day. Like all 3Care formulas it goes through our rigorous process for guaranteeing both purity and activity. This allows our practitioner partners to prescribe to their patients with confidence, knowing they will get the full benefits of AKG.

Interested in utilizing this great formula in your practice
Click here or call toll free 1-888-372-3421.

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